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CROIRE, (French for believe), is the NCR region's newly conceived cricket coaching centre. The club accentuates on inculcating Cricket skills in aspiring cricketers from a tender age up until their culmination into fully equipped cricketers, employing methods unconventional and an approach, perfectly neoteric.

Croire's prime focus envisages channelizing potential of young aspirants towards cricket and fitness alike. Targeting budding cricketers remains Croire's foremost objective so as to tap their acumen and give it a promising direction, only to make a career befitting such acumen. Each disciple at Croire is nurtured with a view to outshine his/her own ability for bringing out the true sportsperson within.

As part of its promotional endeavor's, Croire also engages in organizing events ranging from grass root levels to events commanding national and international participation, for we believe that skills are best put to use at events like these. In furtherance of the same promotional agenda, Croire Cricket Club provides an opportunity to girls of all age groups to come and experience coaching at its finest best to enable them to break all odds and pursue cricket as a definitive career option.

“I Surrender myself to my Natural Instincts. My Subconscious mind knows what to do. It is trained to react.” Sachin Tendulkar
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