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Given the vast ambit of fanfare that the sport commands, there is little that needs to be said about Cricket in general. However, what needs to be stated, in essence, is the prospects that it brings along for budding cricketers.

Cricket is widely promoted and played in all educational institutions till the national level. But, what becomes of the sport after high school is worrisome. The sport loses exuberance only to be projected as weekend leisure or a gate pass to attain admissions on the basis of certain quotas. This ancillary treatment is what Croire seeks to make a transition in. It seeks to delve upon the need to undertake cricket as a fully functional profession.

The past decade has seen Cricket evolve into a game that has provided myriad opportunities to players in terms of recognition and financial stability, both at national and international events. Tournaments like IPL have only escalated opportunities to showcase talent and such tournaments are high on experience, pressure and financial benefits.

In the past, one had to fight for a place for a squad of 15 but as the years have progressed opportunities for players to be a part of influential tournaments like IPL, BCCI Corporate cups have only amplified. Moreover, performances in these vital tournaments have become determinants in achieving the penultimate goal- to a spot in the Indian Cricket team.

In a nutshell, Croire seeks to instill the belief in parents, trainees, disciples and the world at large, that Cricket is a promising career option if promoted diligently from the grass root level. Hence, Croire desires to tap potential at a tender age to enable every aspirant to envision himself as a promising cricketer of this nation.

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