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Croire Cricket Club is an enriching platform for all round development of cricketing skills, incorporating fitness regimes and mental preparatory schemes, at individual and group levels. The club provides a unique hands-on coaching philosophy in all aspects of the game. Primarily, we lay emphasis on the evolving era of the sport and channelize potential in young trainees accordingly.

Croire Cricket club seeks to target development in accordance with the agenda mentioned as under:

Technical Skills

Every Cricketer has a different style or technique as compared to the other. A coach knows what is best for a certain trainee. One man's forte may be another's weak area. A coach alone can inculcate technical skills.

The key to learn how to hit an elegant drive, art of swing and spin bowling or an effortlessly judged catch in the boundary are some of the technical skills that have to be taught several times over to achieve perfection.


We coach trainees from the grass root level, right from holding a bat to developing shots of a wide range. Technical skills involving batting are the most significant part for an exemplary performance. We help cricketers overcome real match inhibitions by testing them in pressure situations.

Batting skills include

  • Gripping a bat
  • Back lift
  • Wrist cock
  • Initial movement
  • Elbow straight
  • Heel to toe
  • Head still
  • Follow through


We focus on novel techniques in Fast Bowling for trainees to bowl quicker with continuous repetition of drills at the beginning of their career. This in turn increases the speed of the bowler with time. These drills are incredibly effective. There are immense technical skills used for spinners, right from gripping the ball to bowling a googly or a doosra. We focus on bowling with patience, control and variations based on each individual's ability.

Bowling skills include

Fast bowlers

  • Gripping a ball
  • Run up
  • Jump
  • Right foot plant
  • Arm pull
  • Rock back
  • Dragged foot
  • Head still
  • Release
  • Follow through


  • Gripping the ball
  • Run up
  • Revolution on the ball
  • Wrist
  • Pivot
  • Shoulder positioning
  • Release
  • Head still
  • Follow through


Given the changing panorama of Indian Cricket, Fielding has come to be one of the most important aspects of the game.

We provide with modern fielding equipments and run unique drills that are fun and effective at the same time. With physical training directly related to Fielding, Agility, quickness, reactions and body language are better promoted.

Mental Awareness

Sachin Tendulkar once said, “ I Surrender myself to my Natural Instincts. My Subconscious mind knows what to do. It is trained to react. ”

We work to better our skills to supreme perfection in a match situation. Hence, it becomes vital to let our muscle memory take over in a match, as there are times when our minds are wandering. At Croire, we help individuals improve their line of thought during matches for a better performance for our mind is instrumental in implementing what we envision.

Physical Development

At Croire, we understand that the sport of cricket is changing and the physical demands from players are continuously increasing. Therefore, our structure suits the requirements of the modern game. We have distinctive training and enjoyable drills that help in improving strength, stamina and endurance levels.


To play to the best of your abilities there is nothing more important than your Attitude. It is a potpourri of determination, zeal, energy and the fire you have in yourself and how you sustain it. We educate and inculcate in trainees the essence of enjoying bowling, batting and fielding, which improves their games tremendously. Involvement in a sport also teaches an individual the grit and determination to achieve your goal, and a fight-for-it if-you-want-it approach towards life, that is invaluable.

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