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Our underlying philosophy is to play for the love of the game and enjoy all that you do. We nurture cricketers from a young age up until the highest level to ensure that they play consistently without any pressure of putting runs on the board or taking wickets. The real focus still remains on the manner in which one plays the game .We persist in expressing ourself with no hesitations be it batting, bowling or fielding so that an aspiring cricketer who spends hours on the ground feels a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment for the time invested in learning.

A hand on coaching and personal attention to every player is the crux of our coaching. Croire provides with a conducive environment and amenities where a novice trainee can find his own strengths rather than the coach imposing techniques and strategies. In a one-of-a-kind attempt at promoting the game, Croire encourages young girls in our country to take up the sport. Croire wants young girls to avail the facility of good elementary and technical experience in order to motivate them to strive towards excellence.

A country where Cricket is religion, and every aspirant a fanatic, it only becomes imperative to cultivate the passion of innumerable children (who otherwise would be content with a little street or gully cricket) and give them conclusive guidance on the game.

Croire is not just a Cricket academy, it's a belief within itself. We are wholly dedicated to each and every individual in the club and are here to make this club the biggest club in the country by producing national and international stars with our methods, results and performances on account of our novel approach towards training. Croire is doing its bit in cultivating cricketers of tomorrow by making it happen today.

All in all, Croire as it connotes, truly believes that the power to find yourself lies in you. That your passion can become your profession. The bigger you dream, the faster you must chase them. Because as our head coach, Dhruv Singh says,

“ Thoughts become things if you have the courage to give your dream wings. ”

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