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Seeing is Believing

  • Croire introduces video analysis for the first time at a grass root level. Earlier video analysis has been used at an international and first class level only.
  • Croire understands that it is very essential to develop young cricketers skill at a very young age rather than waiting to reach a certain level to improve by focusing on seeing himself/herself doing the activity with the help of the videos.
  • When a cricketer sees himself/herself playing he/she tends to believe more of what's right or wrong, which helps in the process of improvement and can assess the amount of progress he/she makes in a period of time.
  • We as coaches in Croire lay down our experiences over the years into our students at an early age so that they mature faster mentally and can adapt to new situations quicker than the rest.
  • Besides Croire analyses a player and posts his/her videos on the club website which can be seen by the cricketer as well as the Guardian and evaluate the progress being made.
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